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Erectile dysfunction, also termed as (ED), is a major and a common problem among the male species. This is where a man cannot keep an erection firm enough for sex. This kind of problem arises a lot of concern among its victims since if a man cannot perform during sex he often tends to have a low self-esteem whenever they are with their sexual partners. The reason why this problem is so common is that its victims are afraid to share it with their friends, as they fear being laughed at or being intimidated by others.

Erectile Dysfunction – Causes For This Problem

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of factors ranging from exercise to the food one eats and also one’s lifestyle.

  • It is advisable that one should maintain a healthy lifestyle by not drinking too much alcohol as alcohol can be one of the causes of this disorder.
  • Erectile dysfunction can also be as a result of anxiety or stress. Sex is first perceived in the mind and as a result signals are sent to the erectile muscle of the penis after where it is filled with blood thus the penis becomes stiff and one can say they are ready for sex, but if one is stressed or anxious, they cannot concentrate to a point of perceiving pleasure or being aroused.
  • Another common factor that leads to this problem is addiction to nicotine that results from too much smoking. Nicotine often leads to both physical, mental and behavioral change in a person. This therefore affects a person to the point that when they want to do anything they have to smoke.
  • In addition, this disorder can also be caused by a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a type of disorder that results from damaged nerves. This medical condition can bring this problem because the nerves are responsible for transmitting signals from the brain to the internal organs and also for transmitting physical sensations back to the brain thus resulting in erection.
  • There are many other medical conditions that can lead to ED, for example: diabetes, high blood pressure and also backbone problems.

Even though this problem is so common, there is no need to worry about anything since there are a number of erectile dysfunction treatments. The only thing that an individual suffering from this dysfunction is supposed to do is to see a doctor and open up about their problem.

Treatment of ED

Like any other disorder it is possible to find cure as well as variety of treatment procedures. The medications ranges from oral medications to surgical even to herbal. Some of the medications are:

  • Viagra also known as sildenafil, Cialis also known as tadalafil and Levitra also known as verdenafil. This is common where erectile dysfunction drugs are used to cure this problem. This is one of the not available and common ways of dealing with this problem.
  • Other treatments include surgery of the blood vessels where a person undergoes this medical procedure so that the issue he is facing can be eliminated for good. This is done by medical experts and it is doe where reversal of erectile dysfunction is impossible using other simple ways.
  • Replacement of the testosterone in the body can also be done if this is the problem. This is mostly done on elderly people where their hormones has decreased or have become in effective.
  • Attending psychological counseling is also another way of treating this problem. When one is undergoing stressing moments then this can be used where they see a professional who can help to undergo this period.
  • One can also use herbal medicine for example ginseng, acupuncture and pomegranate juice. Herbal medicine can be used but after seeing a doctor for advice because if you are taking other forms of drugs this could be another issue that can cause a health problem in the body.

Common preventive method without the use of erectile dysfunction pills:

  • Common physical exercises
  • Eating healthy
  • Reducing smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Reducing stress, depression and anxiety and
  • Getting enough sleep